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Protect Your Edges

Protect Your Edges

It's our very first post so why not start it with a great tip on how to improve your protective style results. With the growing popularity of the natural hair movement we have seen a revival of interest in protective hair styling. From Box Braids, to twists, and everything in between we aren't afraid to say protective styles are here to stay. We love their versatility and low-maintenance. However there is one drawback we have to acknowledge: The havoc they reap on our edges. Below are some ways we work to avoid that.

At Amaka's Daughter, we make it our number one priority to provide you with a protective style that doesn't compromise your edges. To achieve this we start by leaving out the softer/finer portion on your edges. While it's understandable that many want all of their hair braided we highly recommend this method of leaving out the finer edges for two main reasons.

The first, to maintain the integrity of your natural hair. Because many protective styles include adding extensions, this also means adding additional weight. If you've noticed the hair around your edges is finer and typically does not grow as thick or as long as the rest of your hair. Because of this we suggest that your treat this area delicately.

Secondly by adding extensions to your edges you run the risk of the hair pulling or coming out altogether. This can cause breakage or even worse, it can pull the natural hair from the follicle, the root from which the hair grows. Damage to this area can cause the follicle to cease producing hair creating bald spots or patches. This can be irreversible or require undergoing surgery to reverse.

Protective style are great when installed correctly. Remember to always leave our your finer edges to avoid long

term damage. Take this tip into account and we promise you'll love your long term results.

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Chinelo Odiegwu
Chinelo Odiegwu
Jul 18, 2021


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